Rome to Love

Rome to Love

Rome to love. Why we love Rome? We have so many reasons, and so many arguments. How many people come to visit the Eternal City.

Vatican City - Vatican Museum

Visiting the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel is a unique experience that only Rome offers


It’s impossible to explain the feeling and the emotions the first time you see the Colosseum, turning the corner of one of little streets full of history, or the first time you went in the Pantheon and you were wrapped by a beam of light. That time in a hot day of july , even if you are not allowed, you touched the water of the “Barcaccia” at the Spanish Steps. How can you  not Love Rome?



A tour in the most famous squares and fountains


That time you asked for an information to the old lady in Santa Maria in Trastevere, or the you met the most beautiful eyes on line to go in at the Vatican Museums.

The sound of the laugh of the taxi driver, with the strange accent, isn’t something to love?

How much did you love that glass of wine in Ponte Milvio? When somebody talked you about Italy

You couldn’t believe that tasting those flavors you couldn’t eat nothing else.

You couldn’t believe  to lose yourselves in a dish of Bucatini alla Amatriciana or Pasta With Cacio

and Pepe or a Carbonara.


italian dish-cacio-pepe

A traditional dish of Roman Cooking


And then a Rome to Love by night with her Clubs  nights events, Live Concerts and Dj Sets cultural

Events that Rome has even at night time.

You have no choice, you just Love Rome. You can choose to love it just once without passion

You will love it forever.  It’s not enough to visit it once or twice! All the memories a travel to Rome can leave you:  unforgettable, unique you need to repeat it you can only Love it.




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