Olive Oil Tasting Classes in Rome

oil tastingEnjoy to taste olive oil in a unique location.

You will have the chance to discover some little secrets about olives and oil right in front of the Pantheon!

It’s going to be a strike experience!

Two hours that bring you closer to the Italian Culture.

If you are an Itlian food lover, discover how to recognize a good olive oil. It helps you to taste and get in touch with new fragrances smells and flavors.

A certified staff will explain you the difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil, virgin olive oil and lamp oil.

How realize a tasting

  • Preparation to the tasting
  • First Olive Oil Tasting
  • Discussion on the smell and the flavours you perceived.
  • Preparation to the second tasting
  • Second olive oil tasting
  • Discussion on the smell and the flavours you perceived.
  • Both Olive Oil tasting on top of “Bruschetta” Toasted Italian bread.
  • Impressions and opinions by the participants.

For this first event we chose two oils from the South of our Region (Lazio), a part of countryside two hours from Rome.

LA CIERA dei COLLI Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soc. Coop. Agr. Di Colli FR.

Extra Virgin olive Oil LANCIA di Santopadre FR.

You will also have the chance to meet The owner of LA CIERA dei COLLI who will expalin all the work there is behind choosing the olives and the olive oil mill.

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