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Murano what to do and see – Artisan tradition and advanced industrial techniques, craftsmanship and technology, are the combination that for centuries characterizes and enhances the Italian glass tradition. A segment of luxury and synonymous with Italian style, the glass art principally held in Murano, Venice, is now exported all over the world but still has its fulcrum on the small Venetian island where glassmaking originated in the 8th century.



In the islet of Murano, full of Renaissance houses and the characteristic white lighthouse, the production of glass objects remains the highest expression of the refined work of many dynasties of master glassmakers who have handed down the art of transforming the sand with fire and with the air, in the secret of their island.
In fact, it is believed that the creation of glass objects goes back to ancient Egypt and has reached the Romans to adorn noble houses, but it will have to pass many centuries before, thanks to Arab and Asian influences, develops into an art proper. And this happened in Venice when, to prevent fires on the mainland caused by the glass working process, Murano was elected as a floating factory.

As the process of creating glass is very complex and economically significant, glassmakers were allowed to carry swords and enjoy some immunity but were never allowed to leave the Republic just to not share the secrets of their art.

And for many centuries, the glassmakers of Murano will maintain a strict monopoly on the quality and production process of glass, millefiori, crystalline, enamel, milk, until the rediscovery of ancient Roman glass, today’s murrine.


Best Glassworkers

Murano is still home to artisan workshops where artists work glass for mass marketing, but also to make original and unique works, especially in imitation of precious stones.
Over time many of its historic glassworks have become international brands such as Salviati, Barovier & Toso, FerroMurano, Berengo Studio, and in their factories the artisans always use the ancient techniques to make chandeliers and murrine, another symbol of Made in Italy, with a trademark of protection that guarantees quality and origin.

Nowadays the tourists who visit the workshops of the great Murano glass masters who helped Picasso, Fontana and Chagall to create their glassworks, do not give up buying lamps, glasses, jewelry, vases, very thin and impalpable or thick as marble, white as porcelain or cold paintings, to reconnect with that ancient tradition, before going to Palazzo Giustinian to admire the works on display in the Glass Museum, often the result of donations from the Murano furnaces.


Video – Glass Factory, Murano


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Murano what to do

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