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Italian Sunglasses Brands – will suggest you new products and the best Italian sunglasses brands.

Only Italian products conceived and manufactured by local artisans and small Italian companies and food products with a protected designation of origin (PDO, PGI, DOCG) and selected by operators specialized in the promotion of Made in Italy that guarantee Italian origin and quality.

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Today will introduce some Italian Sunglasses Brands: they are real handmade masterpieces and their designers are mainly italian. Each object is a unique piece made especially for you, and you will definitely find among them the perfect match to your soul.

  1. Trussardi
    For over a hundred years, the brand known for its symbolic greyhound icon has been the expression of the commitment of a family that has retained its Milanese identity and has made Italian style popular throughout the world.


    Its strong roots in craftsmanship and leatherworking are constantly updated to produce accessories and lifestyle products.This has led to the creation of unique clothes and accessories –the expression of contemporary luxury– inspired by the dynamic metropolitan settingaround them and by focusing on upcoming trends and modern-day lifestyle. Trussardi – Best Products Online

  2. Vanni
    Vanni harks back to Giovanni Vitaloni, Vanni to his friends, born Milan, 1907. An artist with a technical bent, founder and inspirer of family entrepreneurship for generations to come.Vanni is the cutting edge of creative eyewear. Beauty stemming from the spark of genius duly mixed with culture and style. Nothing obvious: this is a distillation of 25 years’ research and experiment. The made in Italy touch breathes from every detail.


    Like a perfume, project-pervading.Vanni prescription- and sunwear kicked off in Turin in 1990, a look that would tour the world and be at home in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Sydney. In eyewear design VANNI means genuine originality applied to spectacle manufacture. To mix and create unique combinations: that is our challenge, our constant ‘dare’, and colour is our second name.Vanni is not so much craftsmanship as limited-edition industry. Vanni -Products Online

  3. Gucci
    Influential, innovative and progressive, Gucci is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. Under the new vision of creative director Alessandro Michele, the House has redefined luxury for the 21st century, further reinforcing its position as one of the world’s most desirable fashion houses.


    Eclectic, contemporary, romantic—Gucci products represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail. Gucci – Products Online Italian sunglasses best brands 2018italian-sunglasses

  4. Web Eyewear
    Web Eyewear is the legendary Italian sunglasses brand inspired by the Thirties and the dream of flying. Practical glasses that were tested by the first ever pilots as well as lovers of the great outdoors – challenging both geographical and mankind’s limits – untiring travelers and explorers.
    Web Eyewear has evolved from this legendary story intent on capturing the trendiest and most brightly colored fashion-forward styles without, however, forgetting its past. Web Eyewear – Online Products  

  5. Salice
    Salice is the Italian sports brand
    A complete line of sports glasses and goggles and denotes particular attention to design and continuous technological innovation to improve the performance of athletes and offer a cutting-edge product for those who practice outdoor activities. There are numerous sports disciplines that Salice offers its support: from skiing to snowboarding and cross-country skiing, from cycling to motocross, from sailing to canoeing. The name of the brand derives from the surname of the founding family, Salice precisely, Anna, now at the helm of the company, belongs to the third generation. Salice today as yesterday is synonymous with speed, sport, energy, adrenaline: concepts on which this brand has always focused its efforts, in all the competitive fields in which it is committed. Salice is above all design at the service of safety: the products are made thanks to the precious help of the athletes, so that everyone can benefit from the protection of glasses and masks of high-quality standards. The Salice collections are guaranteed by the “Italianness” of the product, fully made in Italy: an affection for our flag that has always stood out on all the accessories in the collection.   Salice-  Best Products Online

  6. Italia Independent
    The mission and philosophy of Italia Independent are largely described by its name. Italy is not only the place where the company is based and operates, but it’s also the main inspiring place and the moving force of the brand.
    I-I is a brand that aims to reload Made in Italy and create “Made in Italy 2.0”. This claim and this philosophy are by no means the denial of over more than twenty years’ work by those who built up “Made in Italy”.
    I-I wants to update Made in Italy, giving it a new force. Stereotypes need to be left behind and tuned into the fast-moving global world. A reloading is needed: reshaping concepts with the aim of acquiring updated information. Adding innovation to tradition.
    Quality is no longer enough
    Quality is no longer sufficient for the independent individual. Today a product or brand is perceived as new only if its materials and functionalities are innovative, without however jeopardizing its true Italian roots.
    Italia Independent believes that creativity today lies in remixing different experiences and styles. The association of materials from different origins and the fusion of tradition with innovation are the project’s philosophy and values.
    We strongly believe that our brand, although focused on eyewear, should be 360-degree effective from clothing to home decor, from glasses to cars, and this is what we do. Italian Independent – Products Onlineitalian-sunglasses

  7. Emporio Armani 
    Emporio Armani is known for its high-end products and accessories, such as watches. This brand is a sub-label of Giorgio Armani, which is where the inspiration for these quality items began. Emporio Armani came about in the early 1980s after considerable success with the Giorgio line. In addition, Emporio Underwear, Swimwear and Accessories arrived on the scene in 1982.In terms of a marketing strategy for this sub label, Armani opted for innovative means that included television spots and huge street advertisements.


    A partnership with the film industry was established, not only for exposure but also as a catalyst for creativity.This brand has attracted some high-profile names to be its faces, such as David and Victoria Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, Megan Fox and Rihanna.
    Skewing younger than Armani’s power-suit contingent, the line includes men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, sunglasses, fragrance, accessories, and watches. And if you want to punch up your sleek, urban purchases with a caffeine fix, there are Emporio Armani cafés from San Francisco to Brazil to Russia. Emporio Armani – Products Online

  8. Baruffaldi
    Baruffaldi company was born before 1932, it started producing industrially in 1936-37 and was situated in the east of Milan. The company was a famous producer of ski glasses, motor and climbing glasses, so important that it began to sponsor “Valanga Azzurra” and “Thoeni”, Nuvolari, Ascari: Baruffaldi became the first ski brand in the world, the second in the moto-goggle sector and the first Italian brand in the branch of security products.
    Since 1970, due to competition in the ski sector, risen from technicians who went out, a slow decline started and had its peak in 1997-99 with an irreversible crisis. – Man’ companies followed until the spring of 2000 with different partners as far as an entrepreneur remained with the least turnover, he came from a different sector and was specialized in saving small companies from a shutdown.
    In September 2000 the company launched a renewed moto-goggle collection which was successful at “Intermot” 2000. –  This collection was a mixture of handmade products, improved but more and more expensive, (EPOQUE line), with innovative products, patented, with adjustable nose bridge, interchangeable lenses, interchangeable legs with headband partly industrial, partly produced inside the company by craftsmen and with industrial products designed by the COMPANY AND PRODUCED WITH ITS OWN EQUIPMENTS and moulds as well in the Far East.
    At the present, 70% of our collection includes glasses which allow  wearing prescription lenses or optical complements for sight lenses. Baruffaldi – Products Online