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Italian leather brands – will suggest you new products and the best brands Made in Italy.

Only Italian products conceived and manufactured by local artisans and small Italian companies and food products with a protected designation of origin (PDO, PGI, DOCG) and selected by operators specialized in the promotion of Made in Italy that guarantee Italian origin and quality.

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Today will introduce some Italian Leather Brands: they are real handmade masterpieces, and their designers are mainly women. Each object is a unique piece made especially for you, and you will definitely find among them the perfect match to your soul.


  1. Alviero MartiniAlviero Martini S.p.A. was founded in 1991 in Milan, where it still has its 5,000 square meters headquarters in the splendid setting of Navigli.
    Since its inception the company stands for the production of bags and accessories with an unmistakable style, characterized by the iconic Geo map. The distribution is entrusted to the retail and wholesale channels. Two flagship stores, in Milan and Rome, followed by other single-brand boutiques in Italy accompanied by a qualified network of multi-brand stores.

    Recognizable in the world thanks to the iconic Geo map, Alviero Martini 1A Classe is one of the leading brands in the accessories field expressing the unmistakable Italian style.
    Today the brand is present in many product categories: high-end leather goods, travel goods, footwear, soft accessories and also clothing collections for men, women and children.

    The various collections, inspired by the “urban travel”, are hand-drawn and planned in Italy and the creativity is constantly changing. Each product is the perfect combination of originality, excellent craftsmanship and cutting-edge manufacturing. The Geo map, real craft heritage, remains the hallmark of the brand.

    For Alviero Martini 1A Classe the new challenge is to transform tradition into innovation, leaving unchanged the characteristics of its DNA and re-defining the concept of modernity that is the foundation of the new collections, inspired by the urban travel, fusing the metropolitan atmosphere and suggestions and following an attitude of modern versatility. Alviero Martini – Best Products Online

  2. Chicca Borse

    A new entry in the Italian leather brands scenario. Each Leather Bag for Women and Men that you will find on ChiccaBorse is a high quality product, made entirely in Italy and subject to numerous checks, to ensure the genuineness and excellence to our customers.In their wide range of products they boast top fashion bags, briefcases, pochettes, briefcases; all bags in high quality Italian leather.Women’s and men’s leather bags are ideal for the customer looking for the competitive price and above all the quality of the product. Chicca Borse – Products Online

    Italian leather brands

  3. Florence Leather Market

    On Florence Leather Market e-store you can find a wide variety of handcrafted, genuine-leather goods. Our very own online boutique offers trendy bags and wallets both for work and leisure time wearing, so don’t miss out on any of our fashion accessories. From classy handbags to comfortable backpack purses and shoulder-crossbody bags; from fanciful pochettes and elegant clutches to timeless doctor bags and roomy shopping bags. Florence Leather Market – Online products

  4. Furla

    One of the most known Italian leather brands. Established in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto in Bologna, Furla looks towards its 90th anniversary with a foot grounded in its solid past of time-honored craftsmanship, artisanal expertise, a sense of beauty and innovative designs.
    Furla stands for quality, colorful creativity, joyfulness and a Contemporary Italian Lifestyle – producing bags, shoes, and accessories for both women and men. Furla –  Best Products Online
  5. Ganza DesignGanza Design, Italian leather bag made in Italy, was born in 2015 it manufactures and sells all over the world of fashion accessories made entirely by hand with real leather Made in Italy, such as handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks, bags for men and women and bracelets. The goal of Ganza Design is to strengthen the brand of “Made in Italy” through its features: quality and high artisan tradition. Each item is unique and based on the collections and the raw materials available can be customized. Ganza Design – Products Online
  6. Dudubags – Genuine Leather

    The company was founded by Enrica and Paolo Addario in 1992, a family tradition that combines dedication and experience.
    Passion, knowledge of materials and production processes and continuous research are the characteristics of their work and products, recognized among the best in the field of leather goods.
    The Brand inherited the craftsmanship, attention to detail and aesthetic sensibility from the father Biagio and they have combined these values with the tastes and needs of the contemporary market, choosing to produce quality leather accessories. Dudubags – Products OnlineItalian leather brands
  7. Patrizia Pepe

    A brand to be laid bare
    Patrizia Pepe, of Tessilform SpA, was created from both the passion of Patrizia Bambi (Creative Director) and the entrepreneurship of Claudio Orrea (CEO) . The story started in Florence in 1993.
    The name “Pepe”represents the brand’s identity, unconventional and dynamic. A brand that combines practicality of everyday life and glamour for those special occasions, thanks to a combination of elegant minimalist lines and meticulous attention to details.
    And this is how our new concept for today’s woman has taken shape: dynamic, sensual, elegant yet still rock.
    A woman who distinguishes herself for her modern outlook, always moving with the times but never going too far; she is noticed for her elegance and femininity.
    Contemporary, funny, sensual, the brand has demonstrated its ability to create iconic garments with indisputable originality, authentic and timeless for years to come.
    Always attentive to what is stimulating the market, the brand is committed to complementing and enriching its offers. In 2005 the first Men’s collection was introduced, followed by the Children’s line two years later. Year 2011 saw the launch of the Beachwear range, and January 2014 signaled the start of the Accessories line.
    Our values?
    Sensuality, Elegance, Silhouette, Femininity, Quality, Attention to detail, Innovation, Italian style, Versatility, Distinction, Current trends, Excitement, Aspiration.  
    Patrizia Pepe – Products Online