Basic Italian phrases – How to survive and communicate in Italy 😀

Let’s speak Italiano – Basic Italian phrases

Basic Italian phrases – The language we now call Standard Italian derives from 13th-century Tuscan, or Florentine, to be specific. This choice was made after a few centuries of disputes between linguists, and was down to a number of factors.

Italian is an official national language in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City, San Marino, and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta – not to be confused with Malta the country, where it enjoyed official status for centuries until 1934 but no longer does. It’s also an official language of the European Union.

Italian Language is recognized as a minority language in three other countries: Slovenia, Croatia and Brazil.


  • The longest word in the Italian language is generally said to be  ‘precipitevolissimevolmente’ meaning ‘very quickly’
  • Two words have eight consecutive vowels in them: ghiaiaiuolo and cuoiaiuolo.
  • Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world – an impressive feat, considering Italy’s relatively small size.


Basic Italian phrasesBasic Italian phrases



1 Hello Buongiorno
2 Good evening Buonasera
3 Goodbye Arriverderci
4 See you later A dopo
5 Yes
6 No No
7 Excuse me! Per favore!
8 Thanks Grazie
9 Thanks a lot Grazie mille
10 Thank you for your help Grazie per il suo aiuto
11 Don’t mention it Prego
12 Ok Va bene
13 How much is it? Quanto costa, per favore?
14 Sorry! Mi scusi !
15 I don’t understand Non ho capito
16 I get it Ho capito
17 I don’t know Non so
18 Forbidden Vietato
19 Excuse me, where are the toilets? Dov’è il bagno per favore ?
20 Happy New Year! Buon anno!
21 Happy birthday! Buon compleanno!
22 Happy holiday! Buone feste!
23 Congratulations! Congratulazioni!



1 Hello. How are you? Buongiorno. Come stai ?
2 Hello. I’m fine, thank you Buongiorno. Bene, grazie
3 Do you speak Italian? Parli italiano ?
4 No, I don’t speak Italian No, non parlo italiano
5 Only a little bit Soltanto un po’
6 Where do you come from? Di dove sei ?
7 What is your nationality? Di che nazionalità sei?
8 I am English Sono inglese
9 And you, do you live here? E tu, vivi qui?
10 Yes, I live here Si, abito qui
11 My name is Sarah, what’s your name? Mi chiamo Sara, e tu ?
12 Julian Giuliano
13 What are you doing here? Che fai qui?
14 I am on holiday Sono in vacanza
15 We are on holiday Siamo in vacanza
16 I am on a business trip Sono in viaggio d’affari
17 I work here Lavoro qui
18 We work here Lavoriamo qui
19 Where are the good places to go out and eat? Dove mi consigli di andare a mangiare?
20 Is there a museum in the neighbourhood? C’è un museo qui vicino?
21 Where could I get an internet connection? Dove posso collegarmi a internet?



1 Do you want to learn a few words? Vuoi imparare un po’ di vocabolario ?
2 Yes, sure! Con piacere!
3 What’s this called? Come si chiama ?
4 It’s a table È un tavolo
5 A table. Do you understand? Un tavolo, hai capito ?
6 I don’t understand Non ho capito
7 Can you repeat please? Puoi ripetere per favore ?
8 Can you talk a bit more slowly, please ? Puoi parlare più lentamente?
9 Could you write it down, please? Potresti scriverlo per favore?
10 I get it Ho capito


1 Zero Zero
2 One Uno
3 Two Due
4 Three Tre
5 Four Quattro
6 Five Cinque
7 Six Sei
8 Seven Sette
9 Eight Otto
10 Nine Nove
11 Ten Dieci
12 Eleven Undici
13 Twelve Dodici
14 Thirteen Tredici
15 Fourteen Quattordici
16 Fifteen Quindici
17 Sixteen Sedici
18 Seventeen Diciassette
19 Eighteen Diciotto
20 Nineteen Diciannove
21 Twenty Venti
22 Twenty-one Ventuno
23 Twenty-two Ventidue
24 Twenty-three Ventitre
25 Twenty-four Ventiquattro
26 Twenty-five Venticinque
27 Twenty-six Ventisei
28 Twenty-seven Ventisette
29 Twenty-eight Ventotto
30 Twenty-nine Ventinove
31 Thirty Trenta
32 Thirty-one Trentuno
33 Thirty-two Trentadue
34 Thirty-three Trentatre
35 Thirty-four Trentaquattro
36 Thirty-five Trentacinque
37 Thirty-six Trentasei
38 Forty Quaranta
39 Fifty Cinquanta
40 Sixty Sessanta
41 Seventy Settanta
42 Eighty Ottanta
43 Ninety Novanta
44 One hundred Cento
45 A hundred and five Cento-cinque
46 Two hundred Duecento
47 Three hundred Trecento
48 Four hundred Quattrocento
49 A thousand Mille
50 A thousand five hundred Millecinquecento
51 Two thousand Duemila
52 Ten thousand Diecimila


Time tracking

1 When did you get here? Da quando sei qui?
2 Today Da oggi
3 Yesterday Da ieri
4 Two days ago Da due giorni
5 How long are you staying for? Quanto tempo resti ?
6 I’m leaving tomorrow Riparto domani
7 I’ll be leaving the day after tomorrow Riparto dopodomani
8 I’ll be leaving in three days Riparto tra tre giorni
9 Monday Lunedì
10 Tuesday Martedì
11 Wednesday Mercoledì
12 Thursday Giovedì
13 Friday Venerdì
14 Saturday Sabato
15 Sunday Domenica
16 January Gennaio
17 February Febbraio
18 March Marzo
19 April Aprile
20 May Maggio
21 June Giugno
22 July Luglio
23 August Agosto
24 September Settembre
25 October Ottobre
26 November Novembre
27 December Dicembre
28 What time are you leaving at? A che ora parti ?
29 Morning, at eight o’clock La mattina, alle otto
30 Morning, at a quarter past 8 La mattina, alle otto e un quarto
31 Morning, at half past 8 La mattina, alle otto e trenta
32 Morning, at a quarter to nine La mattina, alle otto e quarantacinque
33 Evening, at 6pm La sera, alle diciotto
34 I am late Sono in ritardo


Italian gesture

The average Italian uses 250 every day.  Italians love to let their hands do the talking.

Italian hand gestures and meanings: How to interpret Italian hand gestures and how to use them in conversation.


Basic Italian phrases


Basic Italian phrases

Basic Italian phrases



Basic Italian phrases – How to survive and communicate in Italy 😀
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