Italy2Love – The Best Ideas for your special holiday, Shopping time and Leisure in  Italy.

“A Country to Love”, This is where the Italy2Love concept comes from (comes to life).

After years lived in the Beautiful Country, (as we call it IL BEL PAESE), and long time spent abroad – for holyday or business– but always with the memory of the mythical and unique land and the disire to return and show you entertainment, innovation, atmospheres, splendours as special as far from the usual tourist network.

We love good food, good wine, shopping, and we want you to “taste” it. We are desirous and ready to make you live the experience of BEING ITALIAN. We decided to share this opportunity (possibility) with anyone who chooses not only to “make a trip” with us but to “live a journey together “.

The power that the Italy’ s location offer -full of history, culture and passion- we want to donate you the Memory of the seductive and unusual places, that we discovered after years and years and that no one would ever think to make you visit.

Live as an Italian: eat the pizza and the typical and traditional dishes in the restaurants we love; enjoy the flavor of the real espresso, let you self elate by the thousand flavors hammed in the wine of the our Peninsula, learn the process and the secrets, enjoy our habits until you had enough (it can cause you the best addiction you ever had); and finally take a cooking class  to bring back home a bit of Italy.

Italy2love is an independent Blog Magazine. We suggest you all the Best Travel Experiences, Hotels, Restaurant, Fashion excellences …proudly Made in Italy.